Nick And Estelle's Wedding Pics

These were taken using my Cannon Ion still video camera, which is actually an ANALOGUE still video camera not digital. They were digitised and converted to jpeg using the FG24 digitiser on my Amiga 1200T. I'm actually not very impressed at how badly they've come out actually. They look fantastic on my Amiga, and then really really bad once I try displaying them on Linux or Windoze in xv or netscrape or anything.

Most of the wedding shots were taken by Piers because I was too busy getting married to use a camera. Obviously the honeymoon shots were taken myself - we didn't bring piers on our honeymoon!

Now some of the start of our honeymoon... ... and that's the lot for the moment, but I've got 3 other disks (150 more photos) of honeymoon shots to upload sometime.
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